OrbitKit + Printify

Automate publishing to Printify, for free

Get started
1 - Connect

Create a free OrbitKit account and connect to Printify. It only takes a couple minutes and costs nothing to use.

2 - Setup

Create a blueprint listing using one of over 500 supported products. Create blueprints for each product you want to sell.

3 - Publish

Publish your listings in bulk using OrbitKit. Any changes you make will be synced automatically.


If you're looking to sell products online printed with your artwork, there's no better way than with OrbitKit. And OrbitKit's Printify integration gives you access to hundreds of products to print on.

  • Over 500 products available
  • Fully automated publishing
  • Automatic syncing of changes
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Updates to your library are automatically synchronized to all your published listings. It's a single master console for your print-on-demand empire.

Frequent questions

Is it really free?

In a word, yes! OrbitKit is free to use, and using OrbitKit to publish to Printify is also free. If you like our free Printify Integration you might be interested in OrbitKit Fulfillment and our subscription service OrbitKit Plus.

Why not just use Printify directly?

OrbitKit has a number of advantages. With OrbitKit you don't have to position your artwork on each product manually; the placement is fully automated. In fact pretty much everything involved in creating a product listing is automated. And if you want to make changes later to a title, description or pricing, you can do it in one place and all your published listings will be updated automatically.