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OrbitKit is the first print on demand platform designed from the ground up for professionals.

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Manage Designs

Track thousands of designs in your OrbitKit library. Add tags, fix typos, change prices and automatically sync all published listings.

Zero-Stress Printing

Print products that delight customers and get there on-time. OrbitKit automatically handles substitutions and discontinued products.

Publish Everywhere

The hot marketplace is different every year. OrbitKit can publish your library to many marketplaces without tedious buttonclicking.

Run A Team

Give your VAs restricted access. They can work for you without access to your sensitive marketplace accounts.

Get Organized

OrbitKit's core is a free cloud-based asset management database where you can consolidate and securely store your design library.

Updates to your library are automatically synchronized to all your published listings. It's a single master console for your print-on-demand empire.

Full Integration With Etsy & Shopify

  • Create listings and automatically fulfill orders at Etsy &Shopify
  • OrbitKit's blueprints and smart positioning make bulk publishing a breeze
  • Sell multiple products in a single listing to maximize cross-sells
  • Generate custom mockups with your own product blank images and/or backgrounds
  • Generate shipping profiles that match real shipping costs
  • Generate size charts

There are no subscription fees required to use OrbitKit fulfillment; you pay only for orders placed.

Etsy Published Listing
Shopify Published Listing

Stress-Free Printing

OrbitKit will fulfill your orders at Etsy & Shopify using the best on-demand printers in the world.

  • OrbitKit automatically routes orders based on live inventory and geographic proximity to the customer.
  • We handle substitutions and out-of-stock issues for you
  • Convenient manual order entry system

Want to print with Printful or Printify instead?

You can! Publishing from OrbitKit to Printful or Printify is free. You can mix and match listings between OrbitKit Fulfillment, Printful, and Printify.

OrbitKit Plus

With an OrbitKit Plus subscription, you can publish your library to a wide variety of specialized print-on-demand marketplaces without VAs or tedious buttonclicking.

  • Fully customize your published listings (clock hand colors, repeating patterns, etc) using OrbitKit’s unique blueprint system.
  • Synchronize changes to your designs or blueprints across all of your listings.
  • Start and stop anytime; plans start at $29/mo.
  • Supports Redbubble, Spreadshirt, CafePress, Fine Art America, Society6, Teespring, TeePublic, Shirtee, and Zazzle. (Printful and Printifyare also available and do not require an OrbitKit Plus subscription).

Print Catalog

Instead of promising a specific product like Bella 3001, we offer a Premium Unisex T-Shirt. Though this is almost always the Bella 3001, we will substitute equivalent products from other brands when distributors are backordered. This means your orders are almost never shipped late.

Frequent questions

Does OrbitKit replace Printful or Printify?

It can, but it doesn't have to. From your OrbitKit design library, you can publish listings in several ways. One option (recommended) is to publish directly to Etsy or Shopify, using OrbitKit to fulfill orders. Another option is to publish to Printful or Printify first - this will create listings same as if you created the listings from those services, and those services will fulfill your orders.

Why should I use OrbitKit fulfillment instead of Printful or Printify?

  • OrbitKit handles substitutions, order routing, and product deprecation for you. We take care of everything, updating your listings as appropriate.
  • OrbitKit can create more sophisticated listings, such as multiple-product listings and custom mockups.
  • OrbitKit can sync bulk updates from your design library; Printful/Printify are one-time-publish.
  • Fantastic customer service (seriously, ask around!)

Why should I use Printful or Printify with OrbitKit?

  • Printful and Printify support many more products.
  • Printful and Printify support more marketplaces, like Woocommerce and Wix.
  • Printful's and Printify's workflows are buttonclicky and lose track of the relationships between designs and listings. OrbitKit is a better interface to both.

You don't have to choose; you can mix and match OrbitKit fulfillment with Printful and/or Printify. In addition, we can convert listings to OrbitKit fulfillment as we roll out new products and marketplaces. We work for you.

What does it cost to use OrbitKit Plus?

The Starter plan publishes 5 designs per day per platform for $29/mo. The Pro plan at $59/mo is unlimited; OrbitKit will publish until you hit limits imposed by the platforms (typically 30-50 per day) and then start up again the next day.

Publishing to Printful and Printify is always unlimited and free.

If I quit OrbitKit Plus, do my designs come down from POD sites?

No! Your marketplace accounts and listings belong to you. If you cancel your OrbitKit Plus subscription, OrbitKit will simply stop publishing new listings. Nothing else changes.

Do I have to type in all my data again by hand?

No! We can automatically import your existing design library from a variety of sources. We also perform custom imports. Reach out to our support team and ask.

Can I back up my data from OrbitKit?

Yes! You can download your artwork using this script and you can download the metadata (titles, tags, descriptions) as CSV. We'll help you.

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Beyond Impressed
“I am beyond impressed. This is a TOTAL game changer, and I am so excited to be able to use this as we head into Q4.”
OrbitKit User
“You guys are awesome, this is the single best tool I've ever used, and believe me, I tried it all. Been a week now and I'm already selling on these platforms. I hope you add even more pods in the future, even if you don't it's a killer tool. Keep it up!”
OrbitKit User
Super Impressed
“I am super impressed with the smooth integration and the quality of this app. Never really intended to build a little empire because I am a one man show. Since I design and do all my uploads it just couldn't be done until now. Super happy with the quality of this. Exceptional Value!”
OrbitKit User
Single Biggest Impact
“This platform has had the single biggest impact on my business and how I have grown on all of the platforms over the past couple years - I wouldn't be where I am today if OK didn't exist.”
Stacy M
OrbitKit User
Jeff and Ray

Meet Jeff and Ray

OrbitKit is different from other POD companies. As software engineers with decades of professional experience, we believe that software companies lose their way when engineers stop talking to customers. That's why we answer your support emails and realtime chat questions ourselves. Every feature in OrbitKit was built in response to something we learned from talking to you.
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